The MS Digitizing team consists of creative designers, artwork executives, image editors, proofers and illustrators - each with extensive experience in their respective fields. Our artwork professionals while offering unique and innovative processes to quicken delivery of your campaign material.

To ensure all projects are completed to the specifications of our clients and look and feel perfect for their needs, we perform detailed analysis of your art working requirements before starting and provide services that meet your needs. Our team quality standards to ensure each deliverable matches your specific benchmarks, and implements detailed review processes to allow ample time to integrate your feedback.

To accomplish all of this, our team can work with current software applications that are used by the graphic design industry worldwide.

We also provide specialized illustrations services that are designed to support a wide variety of digital applications, digital broadcasting and the print media, etc. The illustrators at use the latest digital illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create high quality drawings and submit your desired artwork in high resolution PDF, TIFF, EPS, or JPEG files. Our illustrators can help you bring your storybook characters to life or link your brand with appropriate illustrations that appeal to your target audience. Our customized illustration services also include step-by-step visualization of instructions in the technical manuals and provision of illustrative examples in the academic textbooks.

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